Existence (Existence Trilogy #1) by Abbi Glines

Existence is the first book in Abbi Glines’ Existence Trilogy. I usually copy the Goodreads summary and paste it on here so readers get a sense of what I’m about to be rambling about but the summary Goodreads put on their site pisses me off! It exploited the whole story! No need to actually read the book when the summary basically tells you what the whole story is about!!!

The whole book revolves around the question “Who is Dank?” (Okay first off can we just take a moment and realize that Dank is a weird ass name and isn’t sexy at all. Dank is a word stoners use to describe how good their weed is. Like come one Abbi!) Even though it is OBVIOUS oh so OBVIOUS Dank is Death or at least, us readers guess something very similar to that, Pagan (another odd name) is SOOOOO CLUELESS! She’s clueless to the point where you just want to shake her. Whether she was too scared to face the truth or just didn’t want to accept it I have no clue but it was annoying. 
Also the descriptions that people would give Pagan wouldn’t match up for me! People would describe her as compassionate, patient, and other equally kind descriptions I personally didn’t see it. I feel like she put up too much of a facade to be described as that. Or at least the times we were with her she didn’t seem like the person they were describing. I don’t know but she definitely wasn’t my favorite main female character.
Leif, (I don’t even know how to pronounce that… Lee-if? Lay-if?) Okay I just youtubed it and it’s pronounced Layf. Alllriiiighty then, I was definitely pronouncing that wrong the entire time. Oops! I felt bad for him! The cliffhanger at the end ALMOST makes me want to read the second novel just to see what the heck happens! It was such a plot twist! I’m surprised the summary didn’t hint towards that as well. However, I doubt I’d read the second one because there was such a long period in the middleish-end that jut seemed to drag on to the point where I wanted to fall asleep. 
OVERALL: 2.5 Stars Out Of 5
I didn’t like names I just wasn’t feeling them at all. Pagan was annoying 90% of the time. But if I put all that to the side and just focus on how the story was written I would still give it a 2.5. This story reminded me really what a  YA novel felt like. Maybe I’ve been away from YA novels for too long but this just overall felt childish. It was very simple dialogue, very simple settings and very simple characters. Overall I didn’t feel connected or at one with the characters which I’m used to having. There wasn’t any true depth. I like to feel like I’m living these events right alongside the characters but in this novel I felt like a bored bystander. 
Hope anyone else that has read this book has had a better experience with this one. Still love you Abbi Glines because you have written some books that I absolutely adore!