The Empire Chronicles books 1-3 by Alyssa Rose Ivy

AHHHHHH! I’m so excited that I found this author! I’m currently obsessed. I’m so happy I’m reading her books right now because it’s an amazing start to my winter break. So far I have only read these three books in this series and I believe theres 5 books total in this specific series. What I didn’t know was that even though there’s different series they’re all pretty much connected and use the same people. This series or at least the first three books in this series that I have read focuses on Casey, Toby and Jared. LET ME TELL YA ALYSSA ROSE IVY LOVES HER LOVE TRIANGLES! Since I hate reading book summaries past the first sentence I had no idea what I was getting myself into other than the fact that this book had something to do with paranormal creatures. That’s all I knew so when I was reading this series I had no idea who Casey was going to choose and it’s so annoying because you’re rooting for both of the guys and you feel just as conflicted as Casey throughout the story!

There was a lot going on in this story and I liked that it wasn’t predictable, there was always a twist and a turn and you never knew what exactly was going to happen and it was super exciting!

PLEASE NOTE: Even though this is a series in its own I highly suggest you read Allie and Levi’s story first. I didn’t realize that even though the series are separate and have their own plot it really does go in order. I wish I would’ve read about Allie and Levi’s story first because there’s definite spoilers in this series about the couple that I wish I didn’t know about just yet. I’m going to continue the two final books in this series but I have yet to get the last two books which I hear isn’t focused on Casey anymore but on someone else, who I will not mention because that will just spoil it for you.

I love series like this when they have so many supernatural creatures because it’s just so exciting! I seriously just want to read every single book in every single series that Alyssa Rose Ivy has published. I’m so glad I found a new author to be obsessed with (:



Playing to Win by Jaci Burton (Play by Play #4)

This book is cute, but not unusual from the other books in this series. I strongly suggest reading these books in between other books and not to read them all in order like I was trying to do. I only suggest this because they are all similar in the “someone comes and meets the main character and then they fall in love”. Which is really the main storyline in most romance novels but after reading 4 of these storylines back to back it kind of gets old especially since there’s not a lot of problems that arise within the story and I love stories that take me on a rollercoaster. Not that these books aren’t good but they’re all standalone and don’t necessarily need to be read in order. I call series like these “fillers” something to fill the time in between other series or if you need to fill the urge of reading a cute simple romance novel. This wasn’t to discourage anyone from reading this series in one go, because you definitely can just giving a little heads up!


Reasons Not To Fall In Love by Kirsty Moseley

Right Man, Wrong timing!

Young mum Bronwyn Reynolds is devoted to her little boy Theo, but she’s married to a not so devoted husband! Juggling two jobs to make ends meet, Bronwyn’s self-esteem is at an all-time low.
Enter Harrison Baxter.
Harrison is confident, flirty and breathtakingly handsome – and everything Bronwyn’s husband is not! What’s worse is that she knows every sexy thought about him is forbidden, which makes him all the more tempting.
The only woman that ladies’ man Harrison has ever wanted is one he can never have. Bronwyn has left her mark on him, and he can’t get her out of his mind no matter how hard he tries!
Bronwyn and Harrison have every reason not to fall in love, but are they brave enough to break all the rules?

Hmm, where do I start with this one? I honestly didn’t know what this book was about at all. I saw that it was written by Kirsty Moseley, one of my favorite authors, and just had to read it. I have loved all of her other books and characters and so I thought this one was going to be like one of those. And I wish I was right. I’m a strong believer that change in most cases is a good thing! Bronwyn however feared it and therefore it lead to YEARS of misery. On one hand I feel like she was a weak character because she willingly stayed with her cheating scumbag of a husband but on the other she’s arguably strong because she had the willpower to stay with him.

Personally the story should’ve started the day she divorced him, because after that is when I actually enjoyed the story. However, if you noticed, the “book” is only 80 something pages and therefore when she finally does divorce him the story is basically over. I understand where Kirsty was going with this one. The whole “this isn’t the end but the beginning of their love story” but what IRKS me is that we don’t get to witness their love story at all! We get left with a hint of their future romance but that is it. And there’s no second book (or “episode” because that’s what it really reminded me of). 
Honestly there wasn’t enough time to fall in love with any of the characters or time to make a connection. I wish it was a longer story or series. I just wish there was more because I feel like you can’t properly form a full opinion on it because I feel like this book did nothing but show a glimpse of who these people were and what their future contained. Kirsty Moseley teased us with this one!