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Hello! My name is Liv and thank you so much for visiting my blog! When I first started this blog back in Jan of 2015 my main goal was to create an amazing book review blog. Reading first started out as a coping mechanism but quickly turned into a great love of mine. My “reviews” are more like me rambling. I used to vent to my friends about all the different books I’ve read so I decided to give them a break and start a blog.

As time has passed, I still post mainly book reviews but now I post other things I love. I’m currently in my second year of college as a pre-med student so don’t be surprised if you see posts related to college life. I hope to post more about college life and advice because when I first started college I read so many posts about other people’s experiences and it helped a lot. I plan to post more about fitness since that is also a huge part of my life. This blog’s name is Liv’s Love which turns out to be an array of things.

Hopefully you can find something you can relate to or enjoy while visiting my blog. I reply to all of my comments so don’t be shy to ask questions, make requests or just say hi. My favorite is when someone replies wanting to discuss the book I had just posted about. I love hearing different peoples opinions or point of views on the books. On my newer posts, I have provided links for you guys to purchase the books or other items I talk about as well! I try to find you guys the lowest price since I tend to do the same when searching for items! If you have any other questions let me know and I hope you have an amazing day!