Stressed Is An Understatement

For any of you that have followed me for awhile know that I’m a college student. I’m currently a week away from finals and then I’m FREE. I’ve never been so excited for summer in my life you guys!

I think because my classes are a bit harder this semester (Genetics and Organic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Lab) I’ve just been stressing so much over doing well in these courses.

I’ve gone to so many office hours in the last week or two that my professors and I have become best friends. It’s ridiculous lol. Each night I’ve put in about 5-7 hours of just studying Organic Chemistry (I have a test tomorrow). I have yet to even begin studying for my Genetics final which is going to be so hard just thinking about it is making my head hurt.

The only reason I’m making this post is because, well, it seemed like an efficient way to procrastinate right now. I’m trying not to start another book because I’ll just be reading for hours on end instead of studying ):

Also, I’m making this post to let you guys know that once I start my summer break you’ll be seeing more posts from me! They will hopefully be more frequent which I’m excited about. It’s just too much to try and keep up with regular posts while also doing school. I know some that do it and excel at it but I’m just horrible at prioritizing and multitasking.

Thought I’d give you guys a little update on my hectic life. I have to go back to studying now so wish me luck! I’m so close to finishing this semester I can taste it!!


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