Torkel’s Chosen (A World Beyond #1) by Michelle Howard


Goodreads Summary:
What would you do if Earth didn’t have enough men?
Would you take a chance and leave the only world you knew behind?

This is the decision Faith Reid faces. Placing all her hope in a new government program, she seizes the opportunity that offers a chance for the women of Earth to find love among the stars, on a world beyond the one they know.

How many times can one man risk rejection?
Would you give up on your dreams?

Torkel Alonson has had enough of being ignored and looked over by females on his adopted home world of Enotia. His pride has suffered and he must accept the painful truth. Females will never choose a male with his evil lineage despite his honorable service to his government’s military.

Can two people looking for the same thing find not just what they want but what they need in one another?

Honestly disappointed in this book. When it started out I was really excited. I loved the premise that there was a surplus of women on Earth due to a illness that targeted men. I thought that was so unique especially since usually books like these are about alien planets that have more males than females. The character intrigued me at first I thought she was cool and didn’t have any major problems with her. That is until her betrayal. I’m not going to go too much into it since I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who is hoping to read this story but I just can’t get over it. 

I guess because in her situation I wouldn’t have betrayed not only her Chosen but her friends as well. She just came off as very weak to me. I think especially since I just got done reading the Imperial series by M.K. Eidem which had all very strong females in the book.

I also think the story was kind of short and rushed at the end. I wish things were extended and there was more to the plot I guess.

What I did like about this story is that it made me want to cry. I really like books that bring emotions out of me and make me either laugh out loud, smile to myself, or make me teary-eyed. This book definitely made me teary-eyed right at the end. I was in Subway trying not to cry to be honest.

So overall it was a nice short story but at the same time I was just hoping for more with this book. It’s still up in the air if I’ll read the second book or not. I’m going to read some reviews and see how other people are reacting to it and decide from there!


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