Rush (Breathless #1) by Maya Banks


I can’t be the only one that recently saw Fifty Shades Darker and craved a book similar to it. I haven’t read a BDSM book in forever. If you’ve been following my posts you’ll know that I’ve lately been obsessed with aliens and any story that relates to space and other worlds. Even amidst my current obsession, once I saw the new 50 Shades movie I had to pick up a similar book and dive back into this world. 

Now when I was searching for new books I couldn’t find any that I haven’t read already or some of the books I stumbled upon had horrible reviews. I actually read this book years ago but never wrote a review for it. It was so long ago that I didn’t really remember all what this book entailed. I remember liking this book so I thought I’d reread it just for fun.

I love love love this book. If you are a fan of Fifty Shades you’ll love this book as well. In my opinion this book is a million times better. The only thing about it is that the following books in the story don’t revolve around Gabe and Mia but around the other two billionaires mentioned in the story which I’m just as excited to read about.

Right off the bat I loved both Gabe and Mia. They’re both super likable characters and you can just see them grow throughout the book. I especially liked how Gabe was a caring and thoughtful dom. He put Mia first and made sure she was always taken care of and felt safe. In the middle I felt like it was a little slow in the sense that not much was happening, nothing major at least. I like my books to shock me a little bit and everything was kind of expected (don’t know if that’s because I read it before and had an inkling or just the fact that it was kind of expected events). However, even though you can kinda guess the major plot lines that didn’t deviate from the fact that this book is not only well written but super engaging. I just wish some of the characters that made threats would’ve gone through with them just to add in that extra drama and had more “oh shit” moments.

Really recommend this book to people who like 50 Shades, Up in the Air series, and Crossfire series!


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