Things That Immediately Make Me Happy


I absolutely love this quote. It will forever be my #1 favorite, to the point that some day (not any time soon) I’m going to get this tattooed on myself. There’s many things about this quote that speaks to me and whenever I’m feeling depressed I think of this poem. This quote actually comes from a poem that Dylan Thomas wrote to his father who was going completely blind. When I first came across this poem I didn’t know the author’s meaning behind it so I assumed it meant fighting against old age and death. That’s another reason I love poetry, there’s so many interpretations that can be made.



I know this might sound cheesy but motivational quotes help me sooooo much! Whenever I’m really nervous about something or just feeling down about myself I read some motivational quotes in order to cheer me up. I really wanted to make a vision board but in the end it turned out to be a board with a bunch of motivational quotes on it. Now whenever I look at it, it gives me just a bit of confidence. There’s no specific quotes I look at. I usually Google or go on Pinterest and there’s so many!



Who doesn’t love eating ice cream when they’re down? The only thing about eating ice cream is that you usually feel a bit worse about yourself afterwards because there’s about a million calories in it. However, it doesn’t have to be like that! Halo Top ice cream is the best thing ever created. It’s protein ice cream and the entire pint is around 240-360 calories (depending on the flavor). FOR THE ENTIRE PINT OF ICE CREAM. The best thing about it is the fact that it still tastes good! I’ve tried another kind of “low cal” ice cream and it tasted like ice with a hint of flavor. My favorite is chocolate & vanilla bean. Just trust me and try it out, you won’t regret it.


Watch My Favorite Youtubers

Sometimes when I’m feeling down or just bored and want a small pick me up I head to Youtube. My favorite is watching Roman Atwood’s daily vlogs. I feel like it’s kind of weird because I watch what Roman and his family do every single day but I love it! This family is so positive and happy that it makes me want to be just as positive and strive to do better. I love watching videos that have happy, positive and productive people in it because it inspires me to do the same. However, even if you aren’t into the same videos I am that’s okay because there’s about a billion other videos and channels on Youtube that you can find. Other channels I like are Buzzfeed, Shane Dawson, Nikki Blackketter and a couple others. Who are your favorites?


This is something I feel like not a lot of people do. I just recently started doing this and it calms me. Whenever I’m stressed, mad, or sad I like to think about space and how big it is and all that’s out there. This just makes my worries feel so small. I’m not even sure how to explain it or if I’ll end up explaining it right but thinking of space makes my worries, stressors and whatever is making me mad or sad so insignificant because of how big the universe is. There’s hundreds of billions of galaxies out there, it just blows my mind how vast space is. It helps me not stress on anything negative and be more positive.

What Makes You Happy When You’re Down?

Those are a couple I thought of on the spot and thought I’d share. Hope everyone is having an amazing day (:


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