Born Of Night (The League #1) by Sherrilyn Kenyon


I can always rely on Sherrilyn Kenyon for an amazing book! I just love that woman. Her books are amazing!! If you’ve never read one of her books before…honey what are you doing. (Short Review)

Don’t you just love how I keep saying I’m going to take a break from alien books and I just happen to pick a book that has a lot of space travel in it (no aliens though so I’m good!). There was a definite futuristic vibe to this book which I was really into especially because I’m not used to reading really futuristic books.

I’m so used to writing my rambles down RIGHT AFTER I finish a book but because I just moved back to school for my Spring semester I kept putting this off. That’s why this post will be on the shorter side, it just feels a bit weird to write so many days after I read a book.

In the beginning I was a tad bit confused over what was going on (Idk if that was just me or not) but I quickly caught up and really enjoyed this story! Right off the bat you are thrusted into this world without much description. As the book goes on you fully understand but in the beginning it does get kind of confusing. I liked the plot of this book I thought it was funny how when Kiara needed protection from assassins due to her father’s political alliance her savior ends up being the most dangerous assassin of all!

I was a little put off on how distant Nykyrian was (also at first when I read his name I was like damn it I already know I’m going to be saying his name wrong throughout the whole book). I understood he had a rough upbringing and life in general and that’s what made him a little cold but I wish we got to see more of his softer side even if it was just at the end because then at least we’d see him improving! We say little sneak peeks of it but I was hoping for a little more!

Kiara was a bit on the softer side for me (except when she got mad then damn she can be rough! That woman knows her fighting words.). I kind of like my female main characters to be a bit more bold and badass but other than that I liked her as well and thought she was a nice fit for Nykyrian.

Like I said this one is going to be a bit short. I hate writing so many days after I’ve read a book because those first impressions and thoughts are gone and because my life is so busy at the moment I don’t remember all what I want to say.


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