DNF @ 59%: Exodus (Atlantean’s Quest #2) by Jordan Summers


I read the first book and wasn’t that impressed to be honest. It was alright, nothing crazy special about it, however, I thought that maybe the second book would be better. I was wrong. I wasn’t a fan at all.

I’m not even sure what I didn’t like about it. I wish I could list you reasons why I’m not finishing the book but I can’t put it into words. I just felt no connection between me and the characters or the plot. I felt bored throughout the whole thing. At first I thought maybe I’m just in a weird mood right now so I’d put the book down and pick it up a little later and nope, still bored.


This just wasn’t my cup of tea even though I really wanted it to be because I’ve never read a book that was about Atlantis before. Based on the first book and this book I don’t see myself reading anything more from this author. That might sound harsh, but I just didn’t feel a connection between me and her writing and that’s something I look for.

Hopefully, you guys had a better experience with her books and this series though! If you did lemme know what you liked about it!

If you are interested in purchasing this book you can click the link right here for only $2.99!


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