How Is It 2017 Already!?

Am I the only one that’s completely shocked that it’s already 2017?! 2016 flew by so quickly I’m not even sure what happened!! I’ve been seeing so many pictures and videos of people’s 2016 and how amazing it was and I’m just here like


Last year I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish, they weren’t big things, just simple vague things. I feel like if my lists are too specific I won’t get them done. Before I make this too lengthy, let me get on with my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions!

1. I Want All A’s

I feel like it’s not crazy to put down that I want all A’s for my classes. I have pretty good grades, I would say. I get A’s and B’s but because my school has the horrible +/- system (that I think most if not all colleges have) a B+ counts totally different to your GPA than a B- would. So those + & – mess me up a bit. I know I can achieve all A’s, I don’t doubt myself, it’s just more of a time commitment. I just have to keep reminding myself it will all be worth it in the end!!

2. Be More Adventurous & Take Risks

That’s one of the things that I’m kind of sad about when I look back on 2016. I didn’t take a lot of risks. I love doing crazy things, like going on adventures or taking fun risks, because it makes me feel alive in the moment, you know? It’s also fun to look back on those memories and gives you a great story to tell people. I’ll admit I can be a bit of a homebody. I just love laying in my bed all cuddled in my blankets reading a book, so that is why I hope in this new year that I push myself to do more crazy things.


3. Be More Organized 

I think this one is going to take a lot of work. I feel like being more organized and being on top of my stuff will really help with my grades and overall structure of my life. Fingers crossed guys. I also just realized studyblr is a thing? It’s where people post pics on tumblr that are meant to inspire you to study and the pictures always have everything just so organized and pretty. It inspired me to be more organized and studious (let’s see how long that lasts tbh).

4. Stay On Top Of Blogging

The times that I blog the most is when I have a break from school, like right now I’ve been on Winter Break. Those are the times I have the most free time and am not stressing over school work and exams. However, I really enjoy blogging and reading so I hope to keep it up in the New Year. It might not be an everyday thing but I sure hope that it’s at least a weekly thing. I really want to grow my blog as much as possible and create friendships within this community.


I always like to end my little lists with reminding myself to be happy. For me, I think it’s so easy to slip into negativity and just overall dark thoughts so I like to remind myself to be happy and to think on the brighter side. I want to pursue new things in this year that bring me happiness and that will leave a smile on my face. I hope this year turns out better than the last and will be memorable for all good reasons.

I hope everyone had an exciting New Year’s Eve and that their 2017 is nothing short of amazing!! Hopefully all good things happen to every one of you this year ♥



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