Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing day today. My family and I decided to switch things up a bit this Christmas. Instead of staying home like usual, we went to Universal Studios. We didn’t think it would be that busy since it was Christmas and people usually spend that at home with family. BOY WERE WE WRONG! This place was packed and our hotel was fully booked from Saturday until tomorrow.

We decided to splurge and buy a Fast-Pass since lines were 2 hours long! These were kind of pricey but in the end SO worth it considering we didn’t wait longer than 5 minutes for any ride.

Below I posted a couple of pictures we took there! We had a blast and we’re thinking of making this a tradition where we go somewhere for Christmas since today we had so much more fun than we usually do just chilling at home.

We went on the majority of the rides and saw a couple of shows. The worst by far, was the Walking Dead attraction. I don’t even watch this show because I hate zombies. They’re horrifying! However, my whole family loves this show so they were so eager to walk through it. If you’ve never heard of this attraction, it’s basically a scary maze you walk through while zombies jump out at you. It’s horrible. When I get scared I flail and hit whoever is closest to me but knowing that I couldn’t touch the performers I had to hold onto my hands and try not to react as much which made everything that much scarier. I kept screaming and running into my family which made them run into the zombies which scared them. Basically, I made it a huge mess but I was so scared lol!!
(p.s. I’m currently writing this while eating a crust-less cheesecake and I’ve never been so sad. The crust is the best part of a cheesecake.): )

Enough about me! If you celebrate Christmas, how did you spend it this year?? 


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