I Tried A Spin Class So You Wouldn’t Have To


I’ve mentioned in my previous posts that I love working out. I found my love for it a little over a year ago and it is the best way to destress and you feel so good after. Tonight I tried a spin class. It was, well, it was horrible. I tried this so now you don’t have to. I tried it to see what the whole fuss is about. I’m originally from Southern California and it seems like we’re always trying to find the next healthy fad to catch onto and spin class is one of them. I’ve heard so many amazing things about spin and how fun it is so I was always eager to try it out.
Tonight, my friend’s dad was teaching a class so I thought this would be a perfect time to try it out. I think because I workout often and I know so many people that spin that I thought this was going to be easy. My friend’s dad is a popular spin class instructor at the gym I go to because he plays the latest and best music and is super encouraging throughout the whole class. Literally people line up outside the spin room and waited 20 minutes just to get a bike because apparently it fills up really quickly (which it did!). I knew right away why everyone loved his class.

I’m just going to start off with saying that I thought the class was only 30 minutes long. I was thinking to myself, “I got this. Only 30 minutes? I can suffer through that. That’s not too bad!” Once it hit 30 minutes and no one stopped and the instructor kept going it didn’t take me long to realize I was sorely mistaken. The class was actually 50 minutes long….  I wanted to walk out so badly but didn’t want to look like a quitter so I pushed through!

Holy crap some of the people in there are crazy! I can tell this wasn’t their first time doing this because they were pedaling so fast I couldn’t keep up and probably will never be able to keep up. This class made me realize all to quickly why I haven’t ridden a bike in years. My butt is so sore! (to be fair I don’t think I positioned the seat right but didn’t know how to do it properly so I left it alone and suffered) Also, I didn’t realize how much of a quad workout it was. My quads are hating me right now and they’re going to hate me even more considering tomorrow is leg day.

This class should come with a warning sign to anyone with knee problems! I did gymnastics for 7 years growing up and it put an extreme amount of stress on my lower back and knee joints. I learned quickly when lifting weights that I have to start off with light weights and over time add a little more weight. My body is used to a slow adjustment of things so this class made my body want to rebel against me. My knees starting hurting around the 30 minute mark especially when we had to stand up and pedal as fast as we could (which for me wasn’t fast at all).

Basically to sum it all up, this class is extreme! People were sweating like crazy. I was sweating a lot and I was slacking A LOT due to my knee pain and just overall fatigue since I had just finished a back workout 2 minutes before the class started. If you’re interested in trying a spin class out I highly suggest the following:

  • Go with a group of friends! That way you can all encourage each other and you’re not  suffering alone. Trying something new alone can be a bit intimidating so get a group of friends together and make it a thing.
  • BRING WATER. I made this mistake and I regretted it so much. Especially when my mouth started to get dry because my breathing increased.
  • Bring a towel. So many times I wanted to wipe the sweat from my forehead but couldn’t because I didn’t have a towel with me. I suggest bringing 2. One to wipe your sweat off and another to put over the handles of the bike. The material wasn’t rough but having my hands rub against it a bunch of times when we switched our hand position left my hands feeling a bit raw (maybe raw is a bit extreme but they do hurt a lot).
  • See if there’s a beginner class. I’m sure there’s a beginner class available or if not there’s probably an instructor who is a bit easier than others. I highly suggest doing this so your first class isn’t extreme and you’re struggling to keep up the whole time (like I was).
  • Make sure to stretch before AND after! It’s very important to stretch out your body especially your quads and hamstrings after a 50 minute work out. You don’t want to be left feeling tight the next day. I suggest stretching beforehand as well to get a little loose and to get your blood flowing a bit.

I think everyone should try things at least once so I don’t regret going I just wish I was a bit more prepared! I’m not sure if I’ll ever go again but it is a great way to get your cardio in. If you end up going to a spin class let me know in the comments and if you’ve ever been to one before tell me how your experience went!



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