7 Amazing Holiday Gift Ideas For Book Lovers


If you’re like me then you have yet to buy Christmas gifts for, well, anyone. I’m definitely a last minute shopper! I wish I was smart and did my holiday shopping during Black Friday like so many people did. This is why Amazon Prime comes in handy. I can add things to my checkout cart and in 2 days they are delivered. Subscribing to Amazon Prime was the best decision I’ve made as a college student. I highly suggest looking into Prime if you don’t have it already. It’s a life saver.

I’ve decided to create a short list of some possible gift ideas! I know I would love any of these gifts. I’ve attached links to the pictures & the titles so if you are interested just click on one of the two and it will lead to the product!

Amazon Fire: $39.99


This would be such a great gift for anyone not just readers. Amazon is currently having a deal on the Amazon Fire tablet for only $39.99! That’s crazy!! For readers, this would be perfect. You will have millions of Kindle’s ebooks at the touch of your fingers. It’s also the perfect size to put in your purse or backpack to take with you wherever you go. It’s twice as durable as the iPad mini and WAY cheaper! (The iPad mini is currently $399!) Also the new Fire tablet comes with the new Alexa feature. If you have an Apple product then it is very similar to Siri. It’s a cloud-based voice service so all you need to do is just press and ask Alexa anything.

Crocodile Bookmarks: $9.00


If the person you’re shopping for loves the feel of a book in their hands when they read then these are a great gift idea. Instead of a regular old bookmark, or damaging the book by dog-earring them, this year you should buy your fellow book lovers an adorable bookmark. I haven’t seen anything like these bookmarks before and really wanted to share them. And also, I just think they’re a cute conversation starter if someone were to see them!

Start Where You Are: A Journal For Self-Exploration: $9.19


I’ve seen these EVERYWHERE lately and they’re so amazing! I’m putting this in here just in case you haven’t seen these or heard of these new types of journals. Each journal entry gives you a little prompt to write about and on the other page it has uplifting quotes and beautiful pictures. These books are such “feel good” books! For example one of their prompts says, “You’ve created so many things out of nothing. Write about one of them here: it can be anything, like a friendship, piece of music, or a new perspective.” And on the next page you can find something like this:

Macbook Book Sleeve: $19.98


I wish I could’ve found something like this when I was looking for my Macbook sleeve! This is so adorable!! I love old fashioned looking books and the fact that this is made to protect your computer and you can carry it around anywhere is so great! This one is specifically designed for a 13 inch Macbook Pro. There are others but this one was the best priced one. Others were around $70!!! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any for computers of a different brand but if your computer has the same dimensions of the 13 inch Macbook then without a doubt this could fit as well!

Book Scented Candles (A Pack of 3): $26.00


I had NO IDEA this was a thing! I stumbled upon these and thought they were hilarious! I’m really curious if they smell like books. I’m even more curious how they would get a candle to smell like a book!? I think these would be a great gag gift for a friend or love one who loves to read! Now even when you read off a Kindle, you’ll still get that great smell of books! A pack of 3 might be a bit excessive but this is WAY more reasonably priced then trying to buy just one. One candle is priced at $18.00 while all three of them are priced at $26.00.

Bed Prism Glasses: $14.49


These have to be the best thing ever. These glasses make it so you can still read your book even when you are laying down on your bed! I think these are so funny yet genius at the same time. If you have a friend that complains about how they can’t read their books while laying in bed definitely get them this!!

Mugs: Price Varies For Each Mug

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A mug is always a great gift! I personally love getting new mugs with cute little sayings on it! These mugs are all priced differently so I will list them below. (Also you can click on the picture which will lead you to the product on Amazon)

Let me know if you like any of these gift ideas! Some are super nice and some are little funny gag gifts! All links are provided for you to make things a bit easier so let me know if one of the links doesn’t work or when you click on it it’s not the product it’s suppose to be and I will fix it right away! Happy Holidays everyone & I hope you have an amazing New Year!!


6 thoughts on “7 Amazing Holiday Gift Ideas For Book Lovers

  1. Oh I love bookish mugs!! They’re so cool and there’s nothing like being a complete booknerd while drinking your coffee. :’) #goodtimes And those crocodile bookmarks ARE SO CUTE. But I also really like the idea of that journal?! I would love to journal but I always give up after like….one day. haha. But that one looks so beautiful!

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  2. These are some really brilliant gift ideas! Those glasses are so weird but so cool… I don’t know how I would feel about using them myself but I love that the exist. I LOVE SCENTED CANDLES. So bookish scented candles? Even better!


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