Bethany’s Heart (Unearthly World #3) by C.L. Scholey


* Aliens * Adventure * Earth’s Demise * Romance * Fighting For Their Lives *

Another entertaining book by C.L. Scholey! I feel like Scholey is reading my mind!!

Every complaint that I had before would be fixed or at least better in the next book. My main complaint would be that I didn’t get to see how the humans lived before they were on the space ship with the Zargonnii. The second book went over briefly Zuri’s time on another planet she crashed on before the Zargonnii found her and this book definitely gave you more details before Finn and Blu found her and the other females. I’m convinced this author is going back in time reading my complaints and then improving them in the next book.

We got more of a look at how badly Earth has gotten and also we got kind of a time frame for when it happened. Scholey still doesn’t specify on the year (which is fine) but she gave us a time line on when Earth started to get destroyed which I appreciated. I love little details like that so then I can put together the story in my head better.

This book had more adventures in it and we  got to see many different planets which was super cool. I love how imaginative authors can be! They are so talented! If you enjoyed the previous books in the series you’ll really like this one. I like how different each book is. They all go through different struggles and events that make each book seem like a new adventure.



2 thoughts on “Bethany’s Heart (Unearthly World #3) by C.L. Scholey

    • I love sci-fi! This series is a little out of the box for me though considering how un-human the aliens look lol. Thought I’d try something new though! If you do end up wanting to read a sci-fi book let me know and I recommend a few! (:


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