Zuri’s Zargonnii Warrior (Unearthly World #2) by C.L. Scholey

* Aliens * Romance * Adventure* Space Travel *  Funny * 
 This one was just as good as the first novel in the series Bay’s Mercenary! If you want to read my thoughts on that book click here. This one I feel like was a bit more funnier than the previous one, I definitely caught myself giggling at different points throughout the book. 

If you haven’t read the first book basically this series is about the Zargonnii finding humans. They aren’t specific on when this takes place but Earth is no longer habitable, hence the reason that aliens are stumbling upon groups of humans trying to find refuge somewhere else. By the way, that isn’t a spoiler! On the first few pages both books make it very very clear the state of Earth. 

There are some parts of this book that I wish had some more detail and went more in depth. This was one of my complaints on the previous book, just because things are so interesting that I want to know more! C.L. Scholey kind of glimpses over certain spots (for example the beginning before they come into contact with the Zargonnii) that I feel like would be so so so interesting if she just took the time to go into more detail. However, even with that complaint I still really like the series.

This series is something so new and refreshing to me. C.L. Scholey created such a unique universe that I’ve kinda sorta fallen in love with. The Zargonnii are a very interesting race, with how they look and their capabilities and also their social dynamics when it comes to the males and females of this race. Like I mentioned, how they look is very different from the other alien books I’ve read. Other alien books have the males looking basically human and extra hot but these aliens don’t necessarily look like that. Usually that would throw me off and I wouldn’t be that interested but even with such differences I was still invested in this series. 

If you think how they look might put you off of this series, still read the book! I really enjoyed this series because of all the different dynamics going on and the characters are so likable. Even the character that at first you’re dubious about, trust me you’ll probably end up liking them too. I’m really excited to see where this series leads me and what is next to come! 



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