Price of a Kiss by Linda Kage

At first I was a bit hesitant with this book because I felt in the beginning that this book was written in a more informal casual way and I thought it was going to bother me all throughout the book, but it didn’t!!

I really liked this book! It was funny, cute, captivating and in some parts emotional! I was telling my friends about this book and all I said was, “This girl moved across the country to escape her ex boyfriend who tried to kill her only to fall in love with a prostitute.” and immediately they were all wanting to read this book as well! 
It think it would’ve been funnier to have her find out in a more intriguing way other than her hearing rumors of it but I didn’t mind that much because I still loved this book! 
Like I said before this book is captivating! You don’t want to put it down because not only is the plot line good but the characters are so lovable! I can’t remember the exact lines in the book Mason says but he lists all Reese’s contradicting personality traits and they’re all spot on. When you read it you’ll immediately agree with his statement. I loved how different Mason seemed from main guy roles in other books. Mason seemed more emotional, and I don’t mean that in a bad way whatsoever. It was nice to read about a tough hunk in touch with his feelings instead of hiding them and acting like he doesn’t feel anything. 
I really did enjoy this book even with the author using gigalo instead of prostitute or escort. I had to giggle every time I read that because I honestly haven’t heard that word in forever I forgot that that is what they’re sometimes called.  

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