Breakdown by Ellie Grace

Goodreads Summary:
Amy Porter has had a thing for her twin brother’s best friend since she was a teenager. After being considered “one of the boys” throughout her childhood, he’s the first guy to look at her and see past the tomboy she used to be. Unfortunately, he’s also completely off-limits. She does her best to move on as the years go by, but it’s not until her life takes a drastic turn that she finally accepts the fact that they aren’t meant to be. However, as her world crumbles around her, Nate always seems to be close by to help her pick up the pieces.

Nate Miller knows that Amy is the one girl he can never have. No matter how badly he wants her, he won’t risk destroying his friendship, or the promise he made to look out for her when her brother goes overseas with the Marines. As life continues to get in the way and keep them apart, the only logical choice is to give up… but giving up is the last thing he wants to do. 

With so many obstacles stacked up against them, can they find a way to make it work or are they headed for a breakdown?

I read this whole book, start to finish, on my three hour plane ride. I was actually surprised I was able to read it so quickly! 
This seemed like a book about star crossed lovers. There’d be moments when you’re like yes! finally! they’re going to finally be together and just as you’re about to take a sigh of relief something stops them from being together. What made this book even more frustrating was how many years this story progressed through. So much time wasted!
I had a love hate relationship with these characters because even though I liked them they were annoyingly stubborn. 
I usually don’t like books that span across years of time because then I don’t feel like I can’t connect with the characters but not with this one. I connected with these characters and really did like them albeit their stubbornness!
This was a great story that I enjoyed even though sometimes I just wanted to slap the characters to clear their stubborn minds! 

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