I’m Sick D;

I’m sickkk! I’ve been sick with a head cold for the past three days and I honestly forgot how exhausting being sick is. I haven’t been sick in years to be honest, so this is annoying. I have been seeing all my friends sick and thinking how I don’t even remember what it feels like to be sick since it’s been so long…well look at me now.
I believe I’ve lost about 10 pounds since Tuesday from all the sneezing I’ve done, not to be gross but I didn’t know that there was that much snot in a single person! And the constant headache I’ve been having is unbelievably annoying. Especially since I’ve been laying in bed all day I thought this would be a great opportunity to catch up on some reading but NOPE! My headaches, sneezing fits, and my sandpaper feeling throat is against me! It is taking me twice as long to finish a book then I normally do which is aggravating. 
In two days I have a concert I’m going to so if I’m not 100% okay by then it doesn’t matter I probably will still go. I will be miserable all throughout the concert but it doesn’t matter. And to make it worse in exactly a week I’ll be flying out to Chicago where I’m pretty sure a blizzard is happening right now which is GREAT news (insert sarcasm). I feel like I’ll be just getting over my cold and then when I get there it’s gonna start back up again. Crossing my fingers now. 
I usually don’t make little posts about me or anything personal but I needed a place to rant about how obnoxious my cold is. I don’t think I’ve left my bed for more than five minutes at a time in the past three days. Usually, I would have thought that would’ve been amazing but when I’m sick it’s anything but.

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