Leather and Lace (Wicked #2) by Lily Graison

I liked this one a lot better than the first. I feel like we really get to know the characters a bit better in this book than the first novel in the series.
Luke sounded absolutely SMOKIN’ in this book and Roxy seemed like a beautiful goddess! Easily the hottest couple in the series.
Roxy came to New York with one thought on her mind… seducing the well known play boy, Luke. She was just hoping for a night with the man of her dreams, but her best friend, Holly, convinced her to play hard to get. Luke is used to just flashing a single smile and women instantly falling over themselves to get in his pants but that’s not the case with Roxy. No, he’s not used to a woman telling him “no”. However, despite Roxy’s fears of him moving on quickly he’s just as willing to play this little game Roxy started.
Again, this book was roughly 100 pages. I haven’t looked but that’s pretty much what’s expected from the whole series (a total of 4 books).
This book was on fireeeee! The sexual tension between these two was so thick you could cut a knife with it. I feel like the only thing that could have made this book better was it being longer. And not longer in the sense that it gets drawn on but just more detail in some parts and maybe add in a couple of scenes of them having a conversation that wasn’t heavily laced with sexual tension. I understand they are very eager to get under each others clothes but it’d be nice to hear them have some heart to heart. It may make their love a little bit more genuine because currently it seems like all they truly have is amazing sexual chemistry.
Luke, here and there, would show that he was more than just a playboy rock star and in those moments Luke…
and I did really like him in other parts but those moments when you saw that he was tender thoughtful man, let me tell ya it was great. 
Again like I have said in my first review of this series (which you can find on my blog) if you are looking for a quick read that involves hot rock stars and romance, than this series is for you! But if you are looking for a romance book that will leave you still gushing over the characters weeks from now, I’m sorry my friend but this isn’t the one for you. That doesn’t mean this isn’t an enjoyable quick read however! (:

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